Tasting Notes with JMAN | Pici Bolognese & Brunello di Montalcino



2006 Casanuova Delle Cerbaie Brunello di Montalcino

A classic red from Tuscany, Italy. When many people think of Italian wine, Tuscany is a major player in the history and present day red wines. This wine is made from he greatest noble red grapes in Italy, Sangiovese. Sangiovese Grosso is the specific grape/clone used in the production of Brunello's and traditional producers only use native Italian varieties to make these wines. 

Cerbaie produces wines that offer, with age, a rustic quality and compliments food very very well. So if you find some from a "great" vintage, lay some down for ten to twenty years.......exciting to see how they mature. 

COLOR: Ruby core, garnet rim...

NOSE: Developed bouquet of roses, black cherry, wild strawberry, dried figs, anise, and forest floor...

PALATE: Dry, medium-high acid, lean yet firm tannins that are well integrated. More cherry, black licorice, and spice notes. Finish is medium-long. Drink soon!

Josh, The Sommelier

This wine pairs well with one of our staple dishes, Pici Bolognese. There is a fun story associated with the creation of this classic pasta dish on our menu. Many years ago Dave and I took a trip to Italy to attend Vin Italy (the largest wine exhibition in the world). It was my first time in Italy tasting authentic Italian food and when I returned, the dish that most inspired me and settled in my memory was one very simple pasta I had in Sirmione: Bolognese with Tagliatelle. What made this meal so magical? Simplicity. Butter, Parmigiano Regiano, fresh pasta, and a classic, succulent meat sauce. We serve our dish a little differently; our Venison, Pork and Veal Bolognese is accompanied with a  thick, fresh, spaghetti shaped noodle that also comes from Tuscany called Pici. I order our Pici noodle fresh from Marin Pasta Works, the owner Johnny is a good friend and truly makes an exceptional product. I had many fabulous meals in Italy and one epic dinner in Venice at Alle Testiere, but still to this day, the echoes of that trip to Lake Garda are heard in the form of tongs hitting sauté pans here at the Sociale kitchen. Mangia Mangia! ðŸ´ Tia Harrison

Pici Bolognese